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New York State Facts & Fun New York State Facts & Fun

Another Capital Journey...

From a Bill to a Law in Six Easy Steps!! This example begins in the Senate, but bills may be introduced in either the Senate or the Assembly.
1. A Senator introduces a new bill.
2. A Senate Committee reports favorably on the bill.
3. The Senate passes the bill.
4. The bill is approved by an Assembly Committee.
5. The Assembly passes the same bill the Senate did.
6. The Governor signs the bill into law.

That bill was lucky. Most bills do not become laws. Some bills are re-written one or more times before they ever get out of committee. Other bills are the subject of public hearings in Albany and around the state before a committee vote is even taken. Sometimes, one legislator’s bill is very similar to another legislator's bill, but only one of these bills can be considered. So many bills are introduced that most never make it out of committee. The journey from a bill to a law is not always an easy road for a new bill to travel.

Let’s Tour New York State

Albany -- New York State’s Capital

Buffalo -- once the home of former U.S. President and former New York State Governor Grover Cleveland

Lake Placid -- site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics

Syracuse -- site of the annual New York State Fair

Niagara Falls -- a breathtaking waterfall 1,100 ft. wide and 183 ft. high

Lake George -- where you can ride several types of boats, including a steamship

West Point -- home of the U.S. Military Academy

Jones Beach -- a great place for fun in the sun

The Finger Lakes -- made of 11 lakes which are shaped like fingers

Saratoga -- site of the nation’s oldest thoroughbred horse racing track (founded in 1863)

The Catskill Mountains -- home to bears and other wild animals

The Erie Canal -- runs between Albany and Buffalo linking Lake Erie to the Hudson River

The Thousand Islands -- which are really made up of 1,870 islands

Lake Erie -- one of the five Great Lakes, a popular site for boating and other water fun

The Adirondack Mountains -- a fun spot for camping and home of the state’s highest mountain, Mount Marcy

Woodstock -- the 1969 rock festival took place here

The Statue of Liberty -- 150 ft. high, celebrated its centennial (100 years) in 1986

Lake Ontario -- another one of the five Great Lakes, a popular site for fishing and other water activities

Watkins Glen -- visit a 10,000 year-old natural gorge and the Professional Auto Raceway

Cooperstown -- home of the Baseball Hall of Fame

The Empire State Building -- a 1,454 ft. skyscraper

Coney Island -- famous for its amusement park and hot dogs

Montauk -- a lighthouse built by order of George Washington

Lake Champlain -- named after the French explorer and colonizer Samuel de Champlain

Rochester -- host to numerous professional golf tournaments

The State Seal -- What does it all mean?

Eagle -- The American eagle is a symbol of strength, independence and freedom.

Globe -- The globe points to the Atlantic Ocean and North America, showing New York's place in the world.

Mountains -- New York's mountain ranges (the Catskills, the Adirondacks and the Alleghenys) are shown.

Sun -- The sun, with a smiling face, is seen rising over the three mountain ranges.

Boats -- A ship and a sloop are shown about to pass each other.

River -- The river represents New York’s great waterways and shows how commerce began in the state.

Lady Liberty -- Lady Liberty, on the left, represents freedom for the people of New York. High on a staff in her right hand is a peasant cap representing democratic rule by the people. Her left foot is stepping on a crown, representing the rejection of the monarchy.

Lady Justice -- Lady Justice, on the right, is blind-folded to prevent discrimination against anyone. The balanced scales of justice in her left hand give equal weight to both sides of all issues. The sword in her right hand represents swift and powerful enforcement of the law.

Excelsior -- The state motto, meaning “Ever Upward,” is on a ribbon below the state seal. ______________________________________________________________________________

Facts About New York State

State Capital -- Albany

State Motto -- Excelsior (Ever Upward)

Population -- 18,976,457 (2000 U.S. Census), ranks 3rd among states

Largest City -- New York City

Land Area -- 47,224 square miles, ranks 30th among states From West to East -- 440 miles, including Long Island From North to South -- 310 miles

Highest Mountain -- Mount Marcy, 5,344 feet

Longest River -- Hudson, 300 miles

Highest Waterfall -- Taughannock, 215 feet

Lakes & Ponds -- 4,000

Longest Toll Expressway in the World -- Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway, 559 miles

Barge Canal System -- 800 miles, including lakes and rivers

State Song:“I Love New York” Words and Music by Steve Karmen

I Love New York (Repeat 3 times)
There isn’t another like it
No matter where you go
And nobody can compare it
It’s win and place and show
New York is special
New York is different
'Cause there’s no place else on earth
Quite like New York and that’s why
I Love New York (Repeat 3 times)

Capitol Facts

* The Capitol Building in Albany took about 30 years to build and was completed in 1899.

* New York State’s Capitol Building is one of the few in the nation without a dome.

* The statue in front of the building is of General Philip Sheridan, who fought in the Civil War.

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