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George H. Winner, Jr.
George H. Winner, Jr.
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to restore New York State’s death penalty

Reflect on this roll call: New York State Trooper Andrew Sperr. State Trooper Joseph Longobardo.  State Trooper David Brinkerhoff. New Hartford Police Officer Joseph Corr. Utica Police Officer Thomas Lindsey. New York City Police Detectives Dillon Stewart and Daniel Enchautegui, and New York City Police Auxiliary Officers Eugene Marshalik and Nicholas Pekearo.

Over the past year each of these young men, shining examples of the very best our society offers, were shot and killed in the line of duty because a violent criminal demonstrated absolutely no regard for the civility, decency and sanity that most of the rest of us live by.

It has been an incredibly difficult and tragic year for our New York State Police -- one of the world’s finest law enforcement agencies. It has been a terrible year for the New Hartford Police Department, the Utica Police Department, the New York City Police and other law enforcement agencies across New York.

The most recent attacks on State Troopers in Delaware County have reminded us, again, of the need to act.

Our police officers -- the very symbol of security and order in our society -- are under siege, and too many of New York government’s leaders are sitting back and simply watching the nightmare unfold.

My colleagues and I in the New York State Senate can’t sit and watch. Instead we are preparing, once again, to approve legislation I co-sponsor to restore New York’s death penalty -- especially in cases involving the killing of a police officer, peace officer or employee of the state Department of Correctional Services.

We have approved death penalty legislation many times in the past -- and we did so again last year -- but no action is being taken by the Democratic leadership in the New York State Assembly.

How many police officer shootings does it take to truly get the attention of every government leader in New York? The death penalty won’t stop every act of violence against our law officers, we know that, but many of us believe it simply must be a part of a criminal justice system that provides every possible protection to the men and women who serve to protect the safety and security of all of us. That only seems fair.

Can we wait any longer? How can we keep sending our officers out into a violent world without every possible protection, including a system of criminal justice that includes the death penalty and every other imaginable tool of deterrence?

Violent criminals are emboldened by New York’s lack of a death penalty. But death penalty legislation can't be signed into law by Governor Eliot Spitzer until it’s approved by the full Assembly.

That’s where we stand. Waiting for the Assembly to act. If you believe that the death penalty should stand as an important part of New York State’s system of criminal justice and would like to share your support, I invite you to JOIN THE FIGHT!

I'll look forward to keeping you updated on our progress to reenact New York State's death penalty.  As always, my very best wishes to you and your family.


NYS Senator George H. Winner, Jr.
53rd Senate District

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